What is most important to you, as a parent of a special child?

Would it be that your child exceeds all or many of his/her difficulties as soon as possible? If that is your answer to the question, we share the same concern. Therefore, we have decoupled the traditional scheme of one or two weekly sessions of therapy and have created the following:

  1. Intensive programs of specialized therapies for various diagnoses.
  2. Therapeutic programs which integrate different sensory modalities to achieve more comprehensive changes.
  3. Programs with the most advanced and efficient therapy techniques in order for children to progress significantly.
  4. Programs administered by trained and supervised clinicians.
  5. Programs with clear, functional, general and specific goals.
  6. Programs designed specifically for each child according to their age, diagnosis and difficulty.

Breaking apart from the traditional system of therapy has resulted in benefits for children, including:

  1. Children with autism communicating and socializing
  2. Children with dyslexia reading and writing
  3. Children with childhood apraxia of speech communicating clearly
  4. Children with language delay reaching the expected level of development
  5. Children with Down syndrome communicating more effectively

We invite you to read and learn about our specialized clinical programs. If you do not find one that may apply for your child, we can design it, that's our specialty. If your concern is that the time is passing by and your child continues to have little progress, your concern is legitimate and is also ours.

It is time for a different therapeutic approach for your child. It would be a privilege to be the agents of this change.

Our passion for greater clinical quality is our best presentation.

Thank you for choosing Fonemi Institute of Puerto Rico for your child.